On Wonder: a Short Reflection

As I look at all the leaves changing around me, and as I feel the cold bite of the air growing sharper, I am reminded of the wonder of our world. We don’t often consider it, but “wonder” is incredibly important to sustaining and empowering the Christian life. Why? Because wonder is how we transform, expand, and renew our… Continue reading On Wonder: a Short Reflection

The Politics of the Lunch Room

Today is World Communion Sunday and let me say that Communion is one of my favorite sacraments the Church celebrates. I think there is something so transformative in the simple act of eating together – of eating in common-unity. As Christians, we should pay very close attention to how we eat together. As I was… Continue reading The Politics of the Lunch Room

Friendship: A Folk-Punk Gospel

"Show me your friends, and I will show you your future." In my Church youth group, this phrase was preached to warn teenagers about the company they keep. Although well-intentioned, it encouraged transactional relationships for personal gain while simultaneously urging youth to repress their problems among peers and choose friends based on outward appearances. In… Continue reading Friendship: A Folk-Punk Gospel

The Apocalypse of the Cross and the End of History

"Our eschatology shapes our ethics." - Rob Bell, Love Wins Eschatology (the study of the last things) is often a reading and interpreting one’s own time. For ancient Jews and early Christians, eschatological readings of history were done through apocalyptic (revelatory) events or writings which colored their understanding of the last things. In this sense, an… Continue reading The Apocalypse of the Cross and the End of History