“Fuck you ‘Cause We’re Enough:” Towards a Radical Punk Theology of Liberation

Preface I wrote this paper for a course that I was taking during my second year of my Masters of Divinity and during the first full semester of the Covid-19 Pandemic. When I started my Mdiv, I was still piecing together my Christian identity after leaving a particular form of evangelicalism. During this "deconstruction" as… Continue reading “Fuck you ‘Cause We’re Enough:” Towards a Radical Punk Theology of Liberation

Friendship: A Folk-Punk Gospel

"Show me your friends, and I will show you your future." In my Church youth group, this phrase was preached to warn teenagers about the company they keep. Although well-intentioned, it encouraged transactional relationships for personal gain while simultaneously urging youth to repress their problems among peers and choose friends based on outward appearances. In… Continue reading Friendship: A Folk-Punk Gospel